o l i g o p t i c o n

a place through which the world passes,
for the sustenance of that place and our situated selves,
and for our very sense of being in-place.

a place from which we go to a world which is immediate and present and to hand.

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Wikipedia: Soviet propaganda poster “Freedom, American style”, 1950, by Nikolay Dolgorukov and Boris Efimov. Freedom of the press is depicted as William Randolph Hearst spreading lies; Freedom of thought is depicted as judge giving a verdict for communist beliefs; Personal freedom is depicted as the lynching of an African American by members of the Ku Klux Klan; Freedom of assembly is depicted as Riot control. A policeman (looking like a caricature of J. Edgar Hoover) stands on the shoulders of the Statue of Liberty wielding a billy-club and holding handcuffs. Liberty’s lips are sealed with a padlock labeled “$”. The skyscraper is labelled, “Wall Street”.

(Source: carnarium)