o l i g o p t i c o n

a place through which the world passes,
for the sustenance of that place and our situated selves,
and for our very sense of being in-place.

a place from which we go to a world which is immediate and present and to hand.

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john grade, Mantle

Installed at Bitterlake Reservoir Seattle WA

Salvaged wood platform and corn-based resin upper form.  Thirty feet high, sited September 2009-January 2010.  Resin degrades naturally upon contact with moisture.  Molded in multiple layers (skins) that degrade at different rates, the sculpture unpeels like an onion first in a semi-spherical ring and then in horizontal sheets.


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installation, john grade,

Elephant bed, Whatcom Museum


Installation by John Grade. Some really interesting work.


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