o l i g o p t i c o n

a place through which the world passes,
for the sustenance of that place and our situated selves,
and for our very sense of being in-place.

a place from which we go to a world which is immediate and present and to hand.

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“This conversion of a landfill into a farming landscape was based on three key factors: topography, hydraulics and vegetation. The topographic system was addressed by the capping project. Whereas the project for closure of the landfill involved channels and embankments, the landscape restoration project had recourse to farmed terraces, tree-planted plots and fields of crops.”

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Irrational Landscapes, Carla Andrade.
35mm w/b.

We are experiencing a paradigm shift. Not only the sensory and empirical matter. We no longer live the era of rational positivism. Now, the sensitive and spiritual are indispensable to creating a unified whole to knowledge. It imposes a sensible reason. For this reason, the female, understood as an embodiment of the eccentric, emotional and lunatic, ceases to occupy the background. For my roots, Morocco and their women wake up in me a great fascination and curiosity. Despite the inferior status that still occupy in society. These women always have transmit a greatness far superior to men. As if behind of that occultism and discretion which they are subject, God dwells revered by men but not in an apparent way. With this series I’d like highlight this way of thinking through a very dualistic culture with images of an awake unconscious that pretends to speak of the value of the extrasensory. This is a series consisting of Moroccan landscapes formed from the feminine irrationality. Changing and spiritual landscapes. Landscapes that speak of some women who, isolated and mysterious, become in mystical beings even magicals.


Richard Serra
Shift, 1970-72

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moray, peru

inca ruins

Photograph by Ian Wood, Alamy


Illuminated landscapes by Barry Underwood

Maya Lin, Blue Lake Pass (detail), 2006,

Duraflake particleboard

Detour, 2008, Digital and lithograph

Matthew Rangel, Across the Sierra

Depicts a seven day Journey within Sequoia National Park in California. Some points of interest are the Nine Lake Basin, the entire Kaweah Peaks range, Kern River Canyon, and Mount Whitney.

Notom, Utah, 1995

Jim Sanborn

Large format projection, digital print, 30”x36

Horse Valley, Utah IV, 1995

Jim Sanborn

Large format projection, digital print, 30”x36”


A Path in the Forest // tetsuo kondo architects