o l i g o p t i c o n

a place through which the world passes,
for the sustenance of that place and our situated selves,
and for our very sense of being in-place.

a place from which we go to a world which is immediate and present and to hand.

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By Yasuaki Onishi, this astounding installation plays with negative space, the sheet is draped over boxes before the artist drips hot, black glue in thousands of strands onto the sheet to hold it in place. 

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figure 2: the backbone of the flavor network.  Each node denotes an ingredient, the node color indicates food category, and node size reflects the ingredient prevalence in recipes. Two ingredients are connected if they share a significant number of flavor compounds, link thickness representing the number of shared compounds between the two ingredients. Adjacent links are bundled to reduce the clutter. Note that the map shows only the statistically significant links

Wingert, Switzerland A project by: L3P Architekten


wingert rez(s) ~ l3p architekten

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